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The Lithosphere: Earth’s outermost shell. A thin sphere of magma and rock which supports all known life in the universe. While composed of enormous, unforgiving slabs of matter, the surface of our planet is in a state of perpetual transformation. The thrust, collision, and collapse of tectonic plates carve the world’s deepest chasms, heave mountaintops skyward, and sculpt every horizon.

The primary goal of the Lithos Project is simple: To capture the raw beauty of the places where we live, work, and wonder as they exist in our time. Our team of geologists and artists seek out and isolate sacred areas from around the globe, distill their form, and examine the forces that put them in place. But our work doesn’t end at detached observation and replication. The secondary, more pressing aim of the project is to put these unique landscapes into a human context. Not only does that involve visiting each of the locations which inspire us and learning its history directly from its inhabitants, but also giving back to the people devoted to extending and enriching its legacy.

Join the efforts of the Lithos Project as we explore, celebrate, and enrich the places we call home. One location at a time. One story at 

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